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About us

Autonomous Pivot transforms center-pivot irrigation systems into an intelligent, AI-driven robotic platform that can improve farming returns. Proprietary, non-invasive sensors and cameras provide growers with a complete, yet affordable, solution that autonomously maximizes crop yields while saving on water and other inputs. AP can perform 300 soil moisture readings per rotation without disturbing the soil, compared to 1 static soil moisture probe. Our unique AI Agronomist™ works 24/7 to optimize a field’s irrigation — even alerting you of crop pests or diseases in real time.


For the past three years, the Autonomous Pivot solution has been implemented in working farms across Kansas, Nebraska, and Texas. For the 2021 summer season, we installed and serviced over a hundred systems farming across the Midwest, autonomously optimizing corn, soybean, alfalfa, and potato crops around the clock.



Eyal Neistein

Prior to AP, Eyal was Director of Algorithms 
and System Eng. at Ultima Genomics and an Algorithm group manager at Applied Materials . He holds a PhD in physics. 


Yuval Aviel

Co-Founder & CEO
Yuval was the Senior Technical Leader for Mobileye, an Israeli autonomous-driving technology company. He holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Hebrew University.


Yair Sharf

Co-Founder & VP R&D
Yair was the VP of R&D at CropX and a team manager at Microsoft Xbox. He holds a BSe in electrical engineering.


Daniel Jenkins


VP Sales & Marketing
Born and raised in Kentucky, Daniel moved to Israel with his wife and now resides in Wichita, KS. Fluent in American and Israeli both culture and language. 


Sagi Sela

Embedded Software lead 
Sagi brings over 20 years of experience developing diverse Software and embedded systems for Microsoft, Bioness and Neomagic. Sagi holds a BSc in computer science.

Investors and strategic partners

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