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Crop Success

as a Service

There are over 250,000 center and linear pivots across the United States used to irrigate and fertigate crops. What if, as they move across the field, they could study and even react to the soil and crops growing beneath them? Autonomous Pivot transforms irrigation pivots into an intelligent platform with onboard cameras and sensors that measure soil moisture and crop health. Utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence, this extraordinary AI Agronomist™ combines sensor data, crop growth cycles, online weather forecasting, and intelligent learning to optimize irrigation and alert growers to crop pests and disease.


It essentially “closes the loop” in a system that senses, analyzes, and reacts to the dynamic nature of farming.

What does Autonomous Pivot sense? 

Continuous non-invasive soil-moisture sensing takes advantage of the world’s first on-pivot Ground-Penetra­ting-Radar (GPR) to take 300 soil water content readings per rotation without disturbing the soil. 


Continuous non-invasive plant Active Light Nitrogen Sensor that can estimate chlorophyll level in leaves.


Continuous non-invasive pest and disease sensing using a dual-camera imaging system.


Prescriptions for success


The magic of Autonomous Pivot is not only in its breakthrough sensory technology. The AI engine immediately begins synthesizing information with data it collects on-site as well as online, such as historical and predicted weather forecasts, to calculate the current water balance.


These data points are continually analyzed and translated into intelligent, actionable recommendations for irrigation, available to growers in an elegantly designed smartphone app. More importantly, these prescriptions can be used to control the irrigation pivot automatically to maximize crop yield, save water and resources, and increase a field’s output.

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